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28th November 2021 - Pastor Richard Keeler
Guest speaker, Pastor Richard Keeler, brings a message to round off our series on the beatitudes.

21st November 2021 - Blessed are the peacemakers
Pastor Lee reflects on what it means to make peace in your life

7th November 2021 - Disciple
Sid and Laura Thurlow bring a reflection on discipleship journey teaching so far.

31st October 2021 - Blessed are the poor in spirit
Pastor Lee begins a new series on the Beatitudes

24th October 2021 - Carl Beech
Guest speaker, Carl Beech, CEO of Edge Ministries brings a word on the commission of Jesus to make disciples

17th October 2021 - 'Think' - Whatever is Excellent or Praiseworthy
Pastor Lee rounds off our series on Philippians 4:8

10th October 2021 - Think - Whatever is Admirable
Keith Taylor continues our 'Think' series from Philippians 4:8. Whatever is Admirable.

3rd October 2021 - Whatever is Pure
Elder Andrew Fitzwater brings us a message on our 'Think' series. Whatever is Pure.

26th September 2021 - Think: Whatever is Right
Continuing with our series on what we think about, we consider what it means to to be right and to think on righteous things.

19th September 2021 - Disciple: You Do, I Help
Sid and Laura Thurlow team up to bring our monthly discipleship focus on how we still need help when we step out to serve Jesus