Building Project

Building Project Update as of 5th July:

During our project we decided to completely renew the roof to the main building, something we intially planned not to do. As such this, along with the normal issues that crop up in a building project, has meant that we will need to raise an extra £36,000. We'll be taking up a special offering for this in our service 15th July 2018. God has brought us this far by faith and we trust for his provision for our needs.

 Ingatestone Elim was founded in 1933. At the same time a building was erected to house the church and all its activities. 84 years later it is time the building was updated for the 21st Century.

The project will involve rebuilding our front entrance with a light and spacious foyer with new access friendly facilities. Renovate the main building with new design windows, stage, office, floor, lighting and heating. The scond phase will be to knock down and rebuild the rear hall so that it is access friendly and comes to the back of the main building. we will also move the kitchen into the new rear hall.

Click here to view our plans 

In June 2016 we asked our church to pledge what they could to the building project over a 12 month period. 

Our initial budget was £250,000. At the end of the 12 month period our church not only matched that request but we have been blessed with Gift Aid on top and so we are able to begin work on our building project imminently.

Work will be carried in 3 phases:

Phase 1: Starting in December 2017 the rear hall will be demolished and replaced with a larger hall which will be access friendly and extend to the rear of the exisiting building. In this time our children's and youth work will be hosted in the United Reformed Church.

Phase 2: Starting circa March/April 2018 the church will move out of the main building for it's services. More info will come on where we will relocate to. The front porch will be demolished and rebuilt and the main sanctuary and office will be reonavated with new windows, baptistry, heating and electrics.

Phase 3: Circa July/August 2018 we will put the 2nd fix in including doors, equipment, furnishings, flooring etc.

We will look forward to celebrating our 85th Anniversary with the re-dedication of our building on 22nd September 2018!